Sportair Workshop Series



 We have the freedom with Amateur Built aircraft (in Canada) to perform & sign off the required Annual Inspection (per CARS 625). But, do all owners / builders know what constitutes a proper and legally performed inspection entails?

In this course we go into the why’s and what’s & how’s to this required process, and know in the end that you did ALL to assure your aircraft is truly “safe for flight”. Regulations compliance will be discussed, as well detailed examples of items to be inspected in the varying types of constructions and systems.

Hands-on time will be spent in tvarious maintenance procedures such as compression tests, brake/bearing maintenance, ignition timing, etc. You will be instructed on how to create a Maintenance Schedule for your aircraft, inspection check list, and cover off schedule items. 

You owe it to yourself and all who ride with you to know the real ‘condition’ of the plane you are riding in!