EAA CANADA SportAir Workshops, Homebuilts explained!

EAA CANADA SportAir Workshops, Homebuilts explained!

EAA CANADA SportAir Workshops, Homebuilts explained!EAA CANADA SportAir Workshops, Homebuilts explained!EAA CANADA SportAir Workshops, Homebuilts explained!


EAA Canada - Sportair supports recreation flyers in Canada by offering construction and safety courses geared towards building and maintaining of your Amateur Built Aircraft. 

----- Our next Sportair Workshops will be held June 6 & 7, 2020 -----

----- In Calgary Alberta, at the S.A.I.T. Aviation Campus  -----

The following Sportair Workshop courses will be offered:

*RV Assembly - Sheet Metal Construction

*Composite Construction

*Wiring Your Aircraft

*Flight Testing Your New Homebuilt

Cost: $475 for EAA members, $525 non-members 

Each course is a full 2 day hands-on learning experience

also offered

What's Involved in Homebuilding 

 (2 hr Saturday evening session including food & beverage $30.00)

descriptions of workshops offered

Sheet Metal Construction, RV Construction


Our most popular 2 day hands-on Workshop offering.  Explore the basic construction techniques required to build the many models of sheet metal kit homebuilts out there today.  This is a classroom and hands-on session that will get you the experience to be confident in going forward with your dream aircraft project.  Your class project can be geared toward an example of modern pre-punch construction, or more toward traditional plans-layout construction, your choice.

Composite Construction


This 2 day hands-on Workshop is designed to give you the basic techniques in fabricating fiberglass structures.  Process and safety concerns are covered during the session.  Every aircraft project has some fiberglass components (even kit building in sheet metal!), find out how easy composites really are.

Wiring Your Aircraft


This 2 day hands-on Workshop explores the basics of wiring your aircraft.  Even the most basic of aircraft today are getting more complicated with must have electrical components, we take a look at how to install them for safety and reliability.  Electrical wiring, proper forming connections, soldering, and basic theory is covered. These principles apply to all homebuilts.

Flight Testing Your Homebuilt Safely


This 2 day Workshop classroom session presents a template on how to introduce you to your new (or new to you) homebuilt aircraft.  Some flight handling theory is covered to illustrate handling characteristics you will want to know about your new plane.  The course is based on EAA's new Flight Test Manual and provides you a logical, safe  progression through this sometimes scary process.

Homebuilt Annual Inspections


This 2 day hands-on Workshop session is of interest to  builders and owners of homebuilt aircraft wishing to develop a comprehensive inspection process for their aircraft.  This session is a combination of classroom and shop hands-on in getting you familiar with the tools needed for proper inspection.  The session helps you develop your specific check list and explains how to stay legal with CARs requirements.  

What's Involved in Homebuilding


This is a 2 hour informal session held usually the Saturday evening of our Workshop weekends,  In this we cover the overall process you would encounter in kit building and getting your project inspected and registered.  We also cover current issues builder encounter in Canada.

Experimental Aircraft Association Canada Inc. is a registered Canadian charitable organization mandated to promote and aid in Canadian Aviation Career development.  EAA Canada Sportair Workshops is a division of EAA Canada Inc.